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Direct-to-Business Specialties

YOUR CHALLENGE: How to increase ROI?


FOCUS POINT: Individual Business.


WHAT YOU GET: Some businesses miss out on beneficial programs due to lack of familiarity or outright skepticism about "government red tape." Decades of economic development experience makes us uniquely qualified to function as the intermediary between business and government. We have helped companies find funding, acquire tax cuts, and untangle barriers to land acquisition for expansion.


[You may have better examples. I just listed some to show what I meant]

CAL COMPETES.  XX successful competitive applications prepared for California businesses, for a total value of $xxM in tax credits.

THAT FARM ONE IN GLENN COUNTY.  Whats the grant, for how much, for what?

GRAPHIC PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL.  Negotiating with FAA, City of Oroville regarding land for expansion.

SPRINGBOARD BIODIESEL.  Chabin helped Springboard Biodiesel obtain xxxx grant to establish a model biodiesel facility in Chico, CA. We continued to assist with the company with reporting compliance.

May Include:

  • Identification of tax credits and state programs to reimburse the cost of investment and hiring

  • Assistance with tax credit and grant applications

  • Acting as liaison between business government officials

  • Accompanying company representative to state hearings

  • Facilitating connections

May Include:

  • Grant applications

  • Tax credit applications

  • Reporting assistance

  • Intermediary services

  • Referrals

May Include:

  • Reimbursed costs for investing in equipment, facilities and new hires

  • Grant funding for innovative investment

  • Alleviation of obstacles to expansion

Representative components shown above. Scope of work will be fashioned to match your needs and budget.