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Chabin & Partners

Chabin has teamed with Marketek and DLA Design to offer a streamlined approach to revitalizing downtowns and commercial properties.


3 steps and 30 days to launch!

3 facts about Chabin

1. Roadmaps, not reports 

2. Solutions, not obstacles

3. Your community,
not any community

Initiatives and roadmaps that deliver new capital investment and jobs to your community

Chabin Concepts is a national network of economic development, site location and marketing professionals experienced in all phases of economic development. Using proven methods, we help communities and economic development professionals create strategic advantages to compete in today’s global marketplace.

Your Assets, Your Opportunities

At our core is assessments, marketing and strategic initiatives (but she doesn’t like the word assessment — she wants it to be more benefit oritented (developing opportunities from your assets)

Assessment realizstic opportunities. (its’ part of road map Checklist, annual review. what’s new. where are the opporutntiies.

One Solution Doesn’t Fit All

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Rural and Urban, Big and Small 

big examples: initiatives, roadmaps. large grants, smaller thigns: marketing assessment, surveys, 


golden roladex, numbers worn of the phone, examples.

On Call

Benicia for example – retainer agreement with some clients. 

Practical Knowledge

Audrey Taylor founded Chabin in 1989 after working 

A Heading

Chabin Concepts is an economic development and marketing firm
serving small cities, large regions, and businesses. 

What do we do?

We help your community answer these questions:

  • Are we competitive?

  • How do we reach our targets?

  • How do we get there?

Our toolbox includes corporate location assessment, strategic roadmaps, marketing tools, and stakeholder consensus building. In short, we provide tools to help you reach the next level.

How long have we been doing it?

Since 1989.



We love a new challenge.


2515 Ceanothus Ave. Suite 100

Chico, CA 95973




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