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Updated: Jul 12

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Economic Updates with Dr. Robert Eyler



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View the JULY 12 presentation HERE.


Tune in for more up-to-the-minute insights from Robert Eyler, PhD, as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis together. He will take us through the latest data on employment and equity markets as well as delving into industry-specific effects and how businesses and municipalities can prepare.

"Very informative, and the 1/2 hour format is excellent!" — Christina Ratcliffe, City of Martinez

Ask an Economist is hosted by Chabin Concepts and Dr. Eyler to assist you in clarity on the economy, consequences of disruption and potential recovery timelines through these quickly changing times. Send questions to vicki@chabinconcepts.com for Dr. Eyler to address at the next webinar.

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Robert Eyler, Ph.D. is a much sought-after keynote speaker who brings economics “down to earth.” He connects the impact of global events to our neighborhoods. Most recently Dr. Eyler has talked on the economic impact of and recovery from devastating business interruptions, such as COVID-19 and the destructive wildfires in northern California. Dr. Eyler is the Dean of the School of Extended and International Education, Professor of Economics, Director of the Center for Regional Analysis at Sonoma State University, and President of Economic Forensics and Analytics, Inc.

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