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Audrey Taylor - Chabin Concepts
Audrey Taylor
President & CEO

  • Economic Development
    Roadmaps and Initiatives

  • Community Assessments

  • Sector Strategies


Catch Phrase

“If you’re not leaving your office, you’re not doing your job.”
(Except, of course, during pandemics.)

  • Marketing

  • Organizational Structure and Capacity 

  • Matchmaking

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Audrey Taylor

Audrey's dynamic personality and breadth of knowledge make her a highly regarded thought leader on marketing, corporate location and strategic planning. Her frank appraisals of community strengths and weaknesses are well-received because she always focuses on “How can we turn this around?” 

Since 1989 Audrey has led Chabin Concepts to be a trusted full-service economic development firm. Success has been built on her philosophy of collaboration and bringing each client the finest expertise available by organizing Chabin Teams to work with clients. 


Audrey has assisted hundreds of communities, regions and states with strategic planning and has secured over $67 million in grant in grant applications for clients and private companies for strategic initiatives, including the first rice straw based MDF Plant in the world. 


Audrey’s expertise has been recognized with awards and honors, including a lifetime achievement award from CALED and California Governors' appointments to several state organizations, including the California Workforce Investment Board. She was recognized twice as “Woman of the Year” by the California State Assembly, and received CALED’s prestigious Golden Bear Award for “her vision, drive, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to the economic development profession.”  

Contact Audrey:
530.345.0364 ext. 27
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