CHABIN CONCEPTS is an economic development and marketing firm serving communities and businesses since 1989. Our five key staff members coordinate with a wide network of solutions partners to provide research, economic, marketing, and site location expertise.


Tosses off 10 big ideas in the time it takes most of us to take our first sip of coffee.

A former small business owner, she ensures that your project is not only creative but eminently doable.


Translates complex notions into understandable pieces that are easy to read and graphically pleasing.


Knows where every file is located and how to make it look better.


Untangles the most complex contracts and HR questions—all while keeping us in chocolate.


The best site selectors, downtown experts, planners, economists, and designers
we have found.

Knowledge and expertise

Chabin's experienced staff has worked together over 30 years. Like a good marriage, we can finish each others' thoughts. When Audrey says, “Remember that project we did for that client 10 years ago?” we do remember and probably all worked on it.


WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR YOU? We have an institutional knowledge of what works, what might work, and what sounds good but really doesn’t work.


GETTING OFF TO A MOVING START. When your project begins, we are not starting from scratch. We are building on the successful practices of of others: This is where you are. This is what has worked for others. How can we synthesize that into a plan that is uniquely yours?

Strategic partners

Our Solutions Network brings clients the best practices of renowned experts in urban and rural economic development and site location analysis, with hands-on experience in implementing and managing competitive, results-oriented programs. These are people we work with again and again because we know they share our vision and commitment.