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Resources for Communities and Businesses during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Here are resources for helping local businesses through the crisis, finding funding, addressing legal matters, and other issues of concern to communities. We will add to this list as new resources come to light.

Financial Assistance (alternative to banks for PPP application)

National Resources (public and private)

Resources for businesses and employees.

The NLC's Coronavirus response page has a wide list of resources, including legal matters and funding for local leaders.

SBA has updated criteria for states requesting disaster assistance loans. The relaxed criteria are intended to make it faster and easier to qualify, with expanded coverage.

State Resources (public and private)

Links for filing Disability and Unemployment claims, tax assistance, etc.

  • Work Sharing – Part of the Unemployment Insurance program, Work Sharing offers an alternative to layoffs by partially offsetting reduced hours with unemployment benefits.

Tax and financial interests, entrepreneur support, rent assistance, modified operations guidance, workforce and employment issues.

Financial, export, employment, insurance assistance and information


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